When you hear the diagnosis “diabetes”, it is a Moment in Time you never forget. It is a moment that forever changes your life and the life of your family. For a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, that moment is even more daunting and difficult to understand and accept.

Thank you to all our guests, sponsors, donors, volunteers and staff who, on March 6th, supported the vital work of the Canadian Diabetes Association while enjoying tasty bites, sparkling gems, entertainment and an incredible array of live and silent auction items. Over $100,000 in funds was raised to support children and youth living with type 1 diabetes including the Association’s unique D-Camps (diabetes camps) which provide the Moment in Time where a child discovers that they aren’t the only one and families learn they are not alone when it comes to managing their child’s diabetes. Funds will also support the development of year-round youth leadership programs and programming for older youth as they transition into adulthood and the many challenging moments of self-management.

“As a kid diagnosed with diabetes in 2002, I know first-hand how amazing Camp Kakhamela is. I learned so much at camp – from how to inject my own insulin, to the idea that I could play and be active just like other kids my age. D-Camps are truly one of a kind and I know funds raised will be put to use connecting, inspiring and encouraging other kids living with diabetes, just like it did for me.”  Anthony Ast, Vancouver Giants Hockey Team Member

Thank you for supporting our young leaders of tomorrow who can achieve their dreams while overcoming the challenges of living with diabetes.

The Canadian Diabetes Association is focused on its mission – to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people live healthy lives while working to find a cure. Through your support, the Association continues to deliver on its mission. We thank our tremendous volunteers, sponsors, and partners for making this event meaningful and a great success. 

Through your generosity Baubles for Banting has raised over $340,000 to date!

Learn more about how the Canadian Diabetes Association is leading the fight. Visit diabetes.ca!

Baubles for Banting is organized by a committee of dedicated volunteers with assistance from Association staff. Thank you so much for your support!

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